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Jameson Guitar Company does begins and ends with a simple philosophy – making high quality musical instrument for players of all abilities at amazing prices.

We simply do not believe you always have to spend a lot to get a good, solid musical instrument.

Jameson acoustic electric guitars ukuleles basses cases.

Acoustic Guitars Folk Instruments.

You don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot when you purchase a Jameson Instrument.

Music is our passion and all that we do here at Jameson.

We urge you to compare our instruments to others in the same price range or even more expensive models and you.

Jameson electric guitars and value packs.

Electric Guitars.

Our electric guitars provide amazing value and quality at prices that can’t be beat.

Each instrument is inspected and set up.

Our support site offers free lessons, instrument care tips and more.

RW Jameson Guitars.







The Jameson mandolin provides world class features at an affordable price.

We urge you to compare this mandolin to models that cost twice as much.

A beautiful top, bound neck and body, geared gold tuners, f-sound hole, hardwood neck.

A beauty that will be an #, Classical guitar with legendary Jameson quality at a price anyone can afford.

The 1942 series gives you everything you need to start playing guitar in one complete package.

A nylon stringed acoustic, this real wood guitar looks great and sound even better.

Guitar is teacher approved and a great way to learn It also makes a great addtiion to any guitar players collection.

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