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I am trying to set up my RP3 in such a way that WiFi connections are routed over an L2TP VPN.

I’ve got the VPN working and with the following settings all traffic is routed over the VPN connection (ppp0 is the VPN tunnel device):, For practical purposes, this means that (even) a single routing table can contain multiple routes to the same destination if the ToS differs on each route or if the route applies to a different interface [23].

Kernels supporting multiple routing tables refer to routing #, 09/04/2018 Dismiss Join GitHub today.

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, 05/06/2020 We are using 2 bond interfaces for storage (2x10Gb) and a trunk for the VMs (2x10Gb).

We want to split the trunk for the VM in VLAN bridges so we can assign them to our VMs.

auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 inet static address #kintilo#.



#kintilo#/XX gateway.

, The VRF Device.

The VRF device combined with ip rules provides the ability to create virtual routing and forwarding domains (aka VRFs, VRF-lite to be specific) in the Linux network stack.

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, I have this configuration which comes from official and unofficial guides and questions readings here and a lot of failed tests.

CentOS 7 and Ubuntu server 15 (LAMP and only eth0).

/etc/iproute2/, Stack Exchange Network.

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Visit Stack Exchange, echo “201 wgswitch” >> / etc / iproute2 / rt_tables.

d / wg_switch.

conf Then modify wg0.


[Interface] Address = 192.



100/24 PrivateKey = KEY ListenPort = 51820 Table = 201, cumulusnetworks.

com s1 config VLAN 10 subinterfaces on swp1, swp2, swp5 bridge br1 with swp1.

10, swp2.

10 and gateway address for hosts g1h1, g1h2

rt tables d