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08/06/2016 Roy L.

Pearson Jr.

‘s suit led to the dry-cleaning measure.

(Jacquelyn Martin/AP) The committee recommended that Pearson be placed on probation from the practice of law for two years.

Roy L.

Pearson Jr.

was just your average judge in Washington, D.


# until a neighborhood dry cleaner misplaced a pair of his trousers.

Arguing that he never received “same-day service” or.

01/07/2007 The plaintiff, Roy L.

Pearson Jr.

an administrative law judge, claimed that the Chungs had lost the pants to his $1,000-plus Hickey Freeman suit, and then tried to pass off another pair as his.

News Ex-Judge Hit With 90-Day Bar Suspension After ‘Outlandish’ Suit Against Dry Cleaner The D.


Court of Appeals said Roy Pearson Jr.

had “chosen at every step of the disciplinary process.

31/10/2007 Roy Pearson.

It#s Official: Pants Suit Plaintiff Loses Post.

By David Lat What was looking likely has come to pass.

From today#s Washington Post: Roy L.

Pearson Jr.

the administrative law.

04/06/2020 The District of Columbia Court of Appeals said on Thursday that it agreed with its professional responsibility board that Roy L.

Pearson Jr.

‘s litigation tactics #went beyond aggressiveness and crossed the boundary into abusiveness.

#, 26/04/2007 Attorney (and now administrative judge) Roy L.

Pearson , Jr.

paid $10.

50 to have some pants altered at his dry cleaners#, but was dissatisfied with the results, so sued them on grounds that their #Satisfaction Guaranteed# sign was consumer fraud.

Among his claimed damages is the need for a car to find a new dry cleaner.

Pearson at first demanded $1150 for a new suit, but turned down.

18/12/2008 Roy L.

Pearson , Jr.

pro se.

Christopher C.


Manning for appellees.

Appellant, Roy Pearson , who is an attorney, sued the Chungs, the owners of a dry cleaner called Custom Cleaners, alleging common law fraud and violations of the District of #, 09/06/2016 A hearing committee of the D.


Board on Professional Responsibility recommended (PDF) the stayed suspension for former judge Roy Pearson Jr.

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