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Ronda 5040 F Watches

RONDA startech 5040.

F / 4.

4 mm 12”’, 28.

00 mm.

Useful torque second # typical : 6 Nm : Useful torque minute # typical, View and Ronda 5040.

F user manual online.

Ronda 5040.

F watch pdf manual.

Also for: Startech 5040.


The Ronda caliber 5040.

D is a Swiss made quartz chronograph watch movement found in many luxury and microbrand watches.

Different Finishes, Jewel Counts.

According to the Ronda website, there are two versions of this movement: a Swiss parts version with 6 jewels and nickel plated finish, and a 13 jewel version with gold plated finish.

Power Saving Feature, Harley Ronda 5040.

F Swiss Made Watch Movement-Caliber: 5040.

FLength: 12Thickness (MM): 4.

40mmHand Size: 150/90/25(20)Stem: 401-1588 Cell/Battery/Power Source: 395Tap Size: 10Includes: Protective Case, Stem, and Power source.

Other Information: Chrono, Ronda 5040.

F -S, 12 1/2 Ligne, 4 Hands, Day/Month 12, 3 Eyes (3,6,9), 13 Jewels, Swiss Made Movement Ronda 5050.

B Swiss Parts Movement Ronda 5040.

E-D6-S Swiss Made Movement, RONDA startech # Movement Cal.


F 07 / 2017 Accuracy: +20 / -10 seconds per month You have decided to buy a watch , which was assembled by a watch -maker using a Ronda movement.

Please note that no watches are produced or distributed under the Ronda Brand.

In case of repairs, guarantee claims and questions concerning, Technical Information.

Here you will find technical drawings, user’s manuals, technical instructions and casing information of current Ronda movements as well as of products that are no longer produced.

The Ronda caliber 8040.

N is a multi-function quartz movement with 13 jewels.

It is part of Ronda #s Mastertech line.

According to the Ronda website, the caliber 8040.

N features:.

Repairable metal watch movement; Very long battery life; Power saving mechanism with pullled out stem: Reduction of consumption approximately 70%, # Ronda inside# Watch Movements # Quartz and Mechanicals.

All too often, the heart of a watch # its movement # is overlooked.

Yet a watch #s design is strongly influenced by the movement, including its functions and their arrangement on the dial.

Series 7000,8000.

Date & Big Date 11”’XXL 15”’ with Big Date, Retrograde & Chrono

ronda 5040 f watches