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Robert W Rackstraw Sr

10/08/2017 In 1978, the FBI#s findings pointed to Robert W.

Rackstraw , a Southern California resident.

Robert Rackstraw #s age is 73 and he#s a former Vietnam vet who served in the U.


Army as a helicopter pilot.

He also had extensive training as a paratrooper.

The investigation team also believed that Rackstraw was one of the #most valued.

The Last Master Outlaw: How He Outfoxed the FBI Six Times#but Not a Cold Case Team is a 2016 non-fiction book written by Thomas J.

Colbert and Tom Szollosi.

It details the results of a five-year investigation of a suspect in the 1971 D.


Cooper hijacking case.

The book documents the life of Robert Rackstraw and the evidence compiled against him.

It was also the basis of the 2016 History.

STOCKTON RECORD; By Michael Fitzgerald; Monday, July 02, 2018; In 2016, a jaw-dropping History Channel program made a convincing case that legendary skyjacker D.


Cooper was a retired University of California department head named Robert W.

Rackstraw Sr.

now in San Diego.

Documentarian Thomas J.

Colbert also co-authored an award-winning book, #The Last Master Outlaw: [#], 27/07/2016 The History Channel’s special #D.


Cooper: Case Closed?

suggests that a 72-year-old California man, Robert W.

Rackstraw , might have been the infamous skyjacker known as D.



By Morgan Krakow; The Washington Post, Wednesday, July 10, 2019 Robert W.

Rackstraw Sr.

the targeted subject in a 2016 History Channel documentary about the unsolved hijacking, was pronounced dead at his San Diego home in the early hours of July 9, according to the San Diego Medical Examiner#s Office.

The 75-year-old veteran died of a, Gathered on Feb.

1 outside of FBI headquarters in Washington, the team said their decryption of several letters sent to newspapers in the days following the skyjacking confirm what they have believed for several years: that D.


Cooper is Robert W.

Rackstraw Sr.

a Vietnam war veteran and former U.


Army paratrooper now living near San Diego.

25/01/2018 The true identity of infamous hijacker DB Cooper has been discovered # with a letter that investigators believe contains a secret code! Specifically, nine digits typed on a 46-year-old letter prove the hijacker can only be one person # a 74-year-old U.


Army veteran named Robert W.

Rackstraw, Sr.

!, 09/07/2019 Is this your ancestor?

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