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Rm Williams Stockyard Boots Vs Blundstone

As for your blundstone / RM ‘s debate, I’m with a lot of others here saying blundstone have gone down hill lately, RM ‘s are usually for show these days, but you can get some fantastic boots that do last a lifetime, I cringed when my wife bought a custom pair ($400aud+) however she’d had them 6+ years and they’ve barely look broken in.

03/02/2017 So buying new boots is a big purchase, and one I#ve given a lot of consideration over the years.

Here#s my pros and cons for the three major Aussie boot brands.


When most people think of Aussie work boots , the Blundstone 500 style in Stout Brown comes to mind.

They#re the boots made famous by another great Aussie export.

Born in the Australian outback, R.


Williams ‘ unique clothing, boots , and accessories help you enjoy your adventures.

Shop our online collection today!, 03/09/2010 I’m a 10.

5 D/11 C in US size (but wear 10.

5 D almost exclusively) and I wear a size 10 in both Blundstone and RM Williams.

I tried 9.

5 in each and could definitely feel my toes hitting the front of both boots.

I have more room in the Blundstones due to the shape of the boot , though It’s a blobbier, more casual boot.

On a good old fashioned American Brannock device I#m between an 11.

5 and a 12, and just about all of my boots are a size 11 because boots tend to run large.

At R.


Williams # Soho store, I had to get sized up on their own sizing device which put me at a 10.

5, which is the size that ultimately fit me.

RM Williams Stockyard Boot – Black.

A round toe work boot that’s built both tough & comfortable while maintaining that famous R.


WIlliams charm.

The oxhide leather upper is water resistant.

These boots are in a wide ‘H’ fitting.

The Black colour is made to order and takes approximately 4-5 weeks to make.

Features Include:, R M Williams is widely renowned around the world for creating boots that are stylish, yet comfortable.

Still using the original pattern that was devised in the 1930#s, one piece of leather is used on the upper of the boots which creates the clean classic lines meaning that you won#t experience the wearing or rubbing that is common in boots made with two or more pieces of leather.

26/04/2017 One piece of leather R.


Williams are handcrafted using a single piece of leather, just one seam up the back of the boot , which results in a highly weatherproof and strong boot.

Eliminating side seams removes potential weak points and also reduces raised edges that can chafe and rub the foot.



Williams Stockyard Winton Boot in : Chestnut.

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