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Rimowa Luggage Look Alike

All of our aluminum luggage is made in Germany, and our polycarbonate luggage is manufactured in Europe and Canada.

We do not manufacture in China, nor have any third party manufacturers in the region.

” As such, Yanxuan’s Rimowa look – a-likes are merely counterfeits.

20/09/2018 Not so with this look – alike from Newest.

The suitcase # which comes in sizes ranging from 20 to 29-inches and colors like black, red, rose gold and silver # has a cease-and-desist worthy resemblance to the famed German luggage producer.

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bright suitcases or tough hard shell cabin luggage , look no.

None the less, we would love to get the look alongside our cool carry on luggage.

Well, after some digging, we found this.

A lookalike that at $119 , costs less than 10% of the premium models.

24/09/2018 And we economy-traveling folk often look to them for inspiration and tips to make our own trips.

Rimowa luggage is retailed at.

And yet, celebrities and royalty alike covet its handmade.

13/11/2010 First Look : Rimowa Luxury Luggage It’s not all about a Louis Vuitton luggage set.

For those times when you want to travel with understated luxury, you might consider Rimowa.

rimowa luggage look alike