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Rewaxing Barbour Jackets

25/02/2020 Barbour Rewaxing.

Here at Barbour , we recommend you re-wax your waxed jacket at least once a year (with regular use of your jacket ).

Re-waxing consists of reapplying a wax coating all over the jacket to ensure it remains resilient and weather-resistant, so you can rely on your jacket for the very best protection.

Rewaxing Service for Wax Jackets.

At The Wax Jacket Cleaning Company, we provide the highest quality bespoke wax jacket cleaning service to our customers.

We Clean and re-wax all brands including Barbour , Belstaff, Drizabone and many more.

The re-waxing happens once the garment has been cleaned and repaired, making it clean and looking as close to a factory finish as possible.

13/01/2016 When John Barbour founded J.

Barbour & Sons in South Shields, a busy port in the North East of England, one of the bestselling lines was a range of oilskin outerwear named the Beacon Brand.

Rewaxing Facts: Globally over 100,000 tins of Barbour wax are sold each year.

Customers can rewax their jackets themselves by using a tin of Barbour wax and following the instructions.

Rewaxing means that Barbour jackets can last for a very long time, in fact they often become part of the family, passed down from generation to generation.

It is fairly straightforward to maintain the jacket yourself, and every Barbour wax jacket contains instructions on how to carry this out.

We include some instructions below, for your information.

As authorised Barbour retailers, all the wax jackets we supply come complete with a 1 year Barbour guarantee of workmanship and materials.

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Give new life to your Barbour waxed jacket.

If you wish to return a waxed garment for servicing, please print and complete our garment return form below, highlighting which repairs are required and send your jacket to us with your payment clearly marked for the attention of REPAIR DEPARTMENT.

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