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Quantizing Drums In Reaper

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11/03/2020 MK Slicer – this is a lua script for quick slicing, quantizing by grid, re- quantizing , triggering or sampling audio.

This script is based on the work of several people – its heart is Drum Trigger.

In this quick tip I#ll show you how to quantize MIDI in Reaper.

This is a simple way to correct timing issues in a MIDI track.

The key to using the quantize feature is doing so without affecting the human feel of your performance.

I#ll show you exactly how to do this.

28/01/2015 I’m an ableton user and I picked up Reaper 4.

611 because multitrack drum editing in ableton sucks.

At this point, I have about 4 hours experience with Quantizing multitrack drums in Reaper #, Sorry if this has been posted before.

I was unable to find search results for “quantize” in the Reaper Subreddit.

I’m new to Reaper , and using the newest version.

I’ve found that quantizing MIDI notes seems to only work a little bit.

I can see them moving, but only a small amount, and not to the grid (at 100 strength) as they should.

Is this a bug?

quantizing drums in reaper