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Qt Bootstrap Private

But this might not be the case for your Qt version.

I’m not sure about Windows.

I can only list the steps that worked for me fyi.

I also found this tutorial quite useful.

It also talks about windows and most important with troubleshootings.

For my case, Qt 5.


0 on Ubuntu16.



Install Qt from online installer in the standard way.

, Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: bootstrap-private This used to work in Qt 5.



Either this should be fixed to work again or the instructions from “configure -h” should be updated.

, I built Qt for xcompile from git master branch.

Now bootstrap library is installing to target directory.

But must be in host directory because it is needed only to build host tools.

Furthermore, libQt5Bootstrap.

a has host architecture (not target).

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, line-wrapping fail, here’s with some extraneous path stripped: qt _lib_bluetooth_private.

pri: QT.


depends = bluetooth qt _lib_ bootstrap_private.

pri: QT.


depends = qt _lib_clucene_private.

pri: QT.


depends = core qt _lib_compositor_private.

pri: QT.


depends = compositor qt _lib_concurrent_private.

pri: QT #, Qt for Device Creation Qt for Automation 5.



Release Information [edit] Qt Version Overview Tools and Versions New Features Changes Known Issues Qt 5.

0 Qt 5.


0 # Qt 5.


1 Release: New Features in Qt 5.

0: Qt 5.

0 Changes: Qt 5.


0 Beta 1 # Qt 5.


0 Beta 2 # Qt 5.


0 RC 1 # Qt 5.


0 RC 2, [quote author=”billconan” date=”1394897072″]I have the same issue.

tried to build 5.

3 alpha under ubuntu 13.


I’m using a 2011 mac mini, the nvidia driver doesn’t install gl headers, so I’m building qt without opengl.

[/quote], From the look of the generated qt _lib_ bootstrap_private.

pri its seems like qt wants to only build and use the release version of Qt5Bootstrap.

The real problem is that the generated pri files for qt _lib_bootstrap do not contain the info for the dependent libraries making the patching of the makefiles in vcpkg_build_qmake necessary.

, There seems to be a pretty nasty regression in the Qt Quick Compiler specific to iOS causing code to no longer compile.

This happens with QT 5.


0 but does not not seem to affect 5.


x and older.

This can be reproduced in a number of ways.

, diff –git a/src/src.

pro b/src/src.

pro index ab93641.

c8928f8 100644 — a/src/src.

pro +++ b/src/src.

pro @@ -130,8 +130,10 @@ contains( QT _CONFIG, dbus) { force.

qt bootstrap private