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Ps Bootstrap Vcpkg Bat

22/07/2019 Hi @Const-me.

Thanks for giving vcpkg a try!.

After running bootstrap-vcpkg.

bat the vcpkg executable is built and dropped in the root of the vcpkg folder.

The executable is not added to PATH nor are any files copied to a different location, there is no actual “install” process, the bootstraping process just builds vcpkg.


Everything you need to use vcpkg is inside the folder in which you.

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exe to Add vcpkg.

exe to system path when running.


bat May 9, 2019.

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Can’t even use ‘vcpkg’ in Powershell #5045.

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bat (Windows).


sh (Linux, macOS) On Linux or macOS, you may need to prefix vcpkg commands by using.

/ in the examples that follow.

Remember to run these commands from the vcpkg root directory.

Search the list of available libraries.

To see what packages are available, type vcpkg search at the command prompt.

PS >.

vcpkg install sdl2 curl Linux:~/$.

/vcpkg install sdl2 curl The best way to use installed libraries with CMake is via the toolchain file scriptsbuildsystemsvcpkg.


To use this file, you simply need to add it onto your CMake command line as -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=[vcpkg root]scriptsbuildsystemsvcpkg.




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18: if (test-path C:Toolsvcpkg) { vcpkg version | findstr /psi “version” Push-Location.

> git clone https://github.


git > cd vcpkg PS>.


bat Linux:~/$.


sh Then, to hook up user-wide integration, run.

From here you can search these documents.

Enter your search terms below.

Close, PS >.

vcpkg install gdal:x64-windows shapelib::x64-windows NOTE: The GDAL version must match with your python compiled version.

So if you have a x86 python use vcpkg install gdal:x86-windows , othewise use vcpkg install gdal:x64-windows, cd D:DevelopGitOthersvcpkg.

/ bootstrap-vcpkg.



PS >.

/ vcpkg help triplet Available architecture triplets: arm-uwp x64-uwp x64-windows-static x64-windows x86-uwp x86-windows-static x86-windows.


Windows PowerShell.

PS >.

vcpkg list //#.


exe search //vcpkg vcpkg#x86#Windowsps bootstrap vcpkg bat