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01/12/2007 As the latest buzzword suggests, PR firms are happy to drop by.

24/08/2018 Travel PR : How to Turn Desksides into Destination Guides.

By Sarah | August 24, 2018.

At the heart of media relations # especially when it comes to Travel PR # is building relationships with the writers, bloggers and influencers that you want to work with.

And while email pitches, travel shows, and even the phone call all have their purpose.

21/09/2017 The public relations industry is full of #this is dead# and #so is this# predictions.

The news release is dead! Media relations is dead! Newswires are dead! Public relations is dead! Deskside briefings are dead! Of course, we all know this is Chicken Little (or Henny Penny) at its finest.

None of these things, least of all an entire industry, are dead.

Small-group events & trips are among the newer PR tactics, but they may just be the most effective tools in your 2019 PR toolkit.

Combining the intimate nature of desksides with the experiential #wow# factor of publicity stunts, small-group media events are the sweet spot for media relations today.

02/04/2019 For desksides , create a target list, email your prospects and determine a date, time and location to meet up.

Read our blog #Travel PR : How to Turn Desksides into Destination Guides# for a how-to on setting up and maximizing deskside appointments.

Reactive Public Relations, Boost PR Results with Editor Desksides.

Whenever I start with a new client, one of the first things I recommend we do is a round of deskside meetings.

Deskside meetings are when the brand and/or the publicist travel to fashion, beauty, and accessories editors# offices to meet with the editors one-on-one and show their products in person.

Be sure that with desksides as with all other pr activity, you’re tracking your work on a spreadsheet so that you don’t lose track of where you stand with different media contacts.

One last piece of advice: the thought of desksides and media outreach can be daunting, but even more thrilling is the feeling when you land that deskside, and grow.

Definition of deskside in the Definitions.

net dictionary.

Meaning of deskside.

What does deskside mean?

Information and translations of deskside in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on #, In PR , half the battle is getting your e-mail pitch opened.

If someone knows you and has met you in person, they are more likely to open your e-mail.

This is the first step to getting a placement.

It drives me insane when publicists solely rely on e-mail to get their pitches noticed.

It takes a lot more to get a busy editor of producers attention.

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