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Png Picture Transparent Background Become Black In Crystal Report

17/02/2014 Dear All, I have the following PNG file which background is transparent.

But the background of the picture turns black after add into the crystal report 2011.

I have tried few thing like changing the colour depth of the file and etc but still couldn’, In the report , we have ” Background _ image.

jpg” and over it the “Signature_ image.

wmf” image , it works great!.

Transparent background of image is not retained when adding it to Crystal Reports.

Crystal Reports 11: Adding PNG to OLE Object.


, 04/07/2014 You still need to use images that are supported types in Crystal Reports for this method to work.

The following steps can be employed to fake having transparent images in your report.

1 # Right click on the Section Name (e.


Report Header) where you want the image to #, Answers for ” PNG Picture transparent background become black in Crystal Report ” Hi All, I appreciate this is an old thread, but in case someone else comes here with the same problem, a solution that worked for me was top open the.

PNG file in paint, then simply save it in jpeg format.

, then i notice that crystal report doesn’t support png format of image but only support EMF, WMF etc which all do accept transparent background.

if i call the image using image path, i works fine.

but when i call is from the database that is saved as OLE Object the background is becoming white.

, Hi, new to Crystal reports.

I’m setting up our company stationary using CR2008.

I’m trying to insert a company logo file in.

png format.

The studio have produced a file with our graphic on a transparent background however this particular graphic rendered with black background on Crystal Reports.

, I’d like to insert an image ( PNG format) that has transparency.

Have a look at this: How to Add a Transparent Image to a Crystal Report It looks like transparency is not supported for PNG.

when I use WMF can’t transparant but black background.

Wendelius 13-Jul-15 4:54am Did you notice the comment in the end “Note that all of these.

, 18/03/2012 I have my employer’s logo that is black in color but with a transparent background saved as png file.

When I insert the logo using Crystal ‘s insert picture command into the report header–it inserts the logo png file–but the logo displays with a white background.

, I’m putting an image in a crystal report (using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005).

The image is a product logo with a white background , and the report has a white background too.

But when I run the report you can see it’s not quite white.

The off-white color #, 13/10/2017 If you have a PNG and you want the background to be transparent – first you’ll need to be in layout view – 1)create a point shapefile, 2)place the point where you would like your logo to be on the map, 3)Edit the symbology to be a Picture Marker Symbol 4)Change the size to something very largepng picture transparent background become black in crystal report