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Plotters Vs Pantsers

Writers generally fall into two categories when it comes to planning their novels: # plotters # and # pantsers.

# As a new writer still developing a writing style and finding your place in the writing world, it can be valuable to take some time to figure out which approach best fits you.

Plotters also tend to get their novels written faster, or at least more smoothly.

Cons: Plotters are confined to their plans, meaning if they do get stuck or want to change something, they often have to redo their whole outline.

And I can tell you from experience, redoing an entire outline is not fun.

If you#re a plotter , then you#re in luck.

29/05/2020 Pantsers vs.


Can readers guess how a story was plotted as they are reading it?

Was the writer a pantser or a plotter ?

Did the writer just sit down and start writing by the seat of their pants, or did they carefully work out the whole plot ahead of time, maybe in an outline, software, or just in their heads?

Would be writers often.

Plotters VS Pantsers.

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Where writers are concerned, there are plotters and there are pantsers.

Pantsers fly by the seat of their pants when they write a story.

They start off with no more than a kernel of an idea or a first sentence or a character, and away they go.

They have no idea where they are going, but somehow.

11/05/2019 The problems are not with plotters vs pantsers.

Its that B&W are poor writers who betray the source material’s complexity and depth.

One can write with a destination in mind and still not commit howlers like the ones below: BOOK SPOILERS.

cf i) Dorne.

Sand snakes.

Amazing self-realized characters in book, another dimension to grand narrative sweep.

plotters vs pantsers