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Planet X Titanium Gravel Bike Review

Planet X Tempest Shimano GRX 1×11 Speed Titanium Gravel Bike Due to unprecedented demand these bikes cannot be built until week commencing 27th July Limo smooth, 4×4 capable titanium gravel superbike with top single ring Shimano spec.

Tempest is our flowingly fast and comfortably confident titanium gravel bike that gives you the freedom to ride.

23/06/2020 I’m very tempted by Planet X ‘s Titanium range (Spitfire, Meteor, Hurticane and Tempest), but I’ve searched high and low and can’t find any form of review.

I know the Pickenflick has been very well received, but has anyone ridden/seen/smelt the Mark Reilly designed frames?

The Planet X Tempest is a limitless titanium frame and big tyre luxury bike and the Titus Goldrush is a hand-built titanium , 650 or 700c gravel hyper tourer.

We#ve been working with the best, most experienced titanium frame manufacturers for decades though, respecting the material and respecting what these awesome craftsmen do, My advice would be to steer well clear of the Planet X Tempest.

I bought a Tempest v3 frame-only with the intention of building up into a gravel /adventure bike to my own spec.

Seems there#s a.

17/04/2020 Here is another new.

gravel and adventure bike to add to your wishlist.

British titanium specialist J.

Laverack has added a gravel bike to its range called the GRiT which can take up to 700×48 or 650×52 wheels and tyres and costs 2,050 for the frame, with complete bikes priced from 3,850.

Ordered a new bike on a Sunday, built on Wednesday and delivered by Friday.

Seen a lot of reviews about slow delivery, can’t fault my experience.

Ordered other accessories all of which were delivered quickly! They can be slow to respond to emails but other than that no issues.

Previously owned a Planet X Cyclocross- fantastic bike and great value.

Planet X has sourced this frame from Lynskey, founders of Litespeed before they sold up to go it alone under their own family name.

So, they know a thing or two about titanium bike frames, and it.

18/06/2020 Owning a fine titanium bike is a bucket list ambition for many cyclists, because while steel is a really nice material for making a bicycle frame, titanium is an even nicer choice.

Titanium road bikes were once rare and expensive because titanium is notoriously difficult to work with but the cost of a titanium bike has dropped significantly in recent years.

02/03/2020 I took Planet – X ‘s titanium framed Tempest gravel bike ‘rough stuffing’ round some tracks I’d not ridden for decades to see if it was a smoothly sporting bargain or too cheap to be cheerful.

Planet X Tempest SRAM Force 1 Titanium Gravel Bike 1,999.

99 – No-nonsense prices from Planet X with Worldwide Shipping and Finance available.

planet x titanium gravel bike review