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03/04/2020 Rebecca Olson Gupta Is from Michigan.

Rebecca Sue Olson was born on December 6, 1968 and grew up in Michigan.

She has at least two brothers, including one David Olson.

Rebecca Olson graduated from Novi High School in 1987 and went to the University of Michigan.

Sanjay Gupta #, 09/07/2015 Meet attorney, Rebecca Olson , you can also call her Mrs.


She is the wife of Sanjay Gupta.

Rebecca #s hubby is no stranger to the cameras you probably see him on CNN as their Chief Medical Correspondent.

15 June 2020.

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28/10/2018 Rebecca Olson Gupta Biography: Age, Kids, Family With Sanjay Gupta , Job & Net Worth A law attorney, Rebecca Olson Gupta is widely recognized as the wife of Dr.

Sanjay Gupta , America’s renowned neurosurgeon and medical reporter.

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Updated: March 20, 2015, 02/12/2019 Rebecca Olson Gupta #s Net Worth.


Sanjay Gupta #s wife is a lawyer by profession.

Sources say that attorneys in her area earn about $ 100,000 a year in regards to salary.

However, Rebecca Olson #s net worth presently remains under review.

On #, 02/04/2020 Rebecca Olson Gupta is an American certified family law attorney.

Rebecca Olson Gupta rose to prominence through after her marriage Dr.

Sanjay Gupta , the Chief Medical Correspondent.

Early life Rebecca Olson Gupta #, Sanjay Gupta & Rebecca Olson.

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26/10/2019 Rebecca Olson Gupta #s Net Worth Rebecca Olson makes a pretty decent amount of money as a family law attorney, and she can afford a comfortable lifestyle.

Sources estimate her personal net worth at over $1 million, but with her husband is

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