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Per All People F Table In R12

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16/01/2013 Below is Simple Query to connect PER_PEOPLE_F and FND_USER in Oracle Applications and print following details User ID User name Email.

This table stores the type of an employee.

It is linked with the per_all_people_f with the person_type_id.


This table stores types of jobs.

It is linked with the per_all_assignments_f table to retrieve the correct job name of an employee.


This table contains grade information of employees.

06/09/2012 This table is used to find the type of the employee.

This table is linked with the per_all_people_f with the person_type_id to find out the type of person.


per_jobs_tl This table will contain the various types of JOBS in oracle.

This table is been linked with the per_all_assignments_f table to retrieve the correct job name from the employee.

16/09/2012 Hi All, One of our team member dropped the per_all_people_f table in DEV instance.

It is R12.


1 instance.

Archive log not enabled in Dev instance.

How can i know that which guy dropped the table ?

[Apart from Auditing option] Any possible way to recover a table.

Regards, Shaik, This table also has party_Id, because Oracle creates a party in TCA as soon as a record in per_all_people_f gets created.

Main usage of per_all_people_f :-1.

To get the name of the person 2.

To get the date of birth or tax Id of the person Note:- The application uses PER_PEOPLE_F, as that is a secured view layer on top of PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F, The chart above shows some of the most common tables that are used in Oracle HRMS.

Often, a column in one table will link to a column in a different table.

For example, the primary key PERSON_ID in the PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F table will link to the foreign key PERSON_ID in the PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS_F table to connect people to their appropriate assignments.

Table for storing DFF migration mapping Information from PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F to PER_PERSON_TYPE_USAGES_F.

PER_PTU_DFF_MIG_FAILED_PEOPLE: This table is used to store the details of the person records failed to migrate to PER_PERSON_TYPE_USAGES_F from PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F.

Import customers using interface tables in Oracle Apps R12.

03/08/2018 Oracle EBS SQL Query that will list all employees in the hr.

per_all_assignments_f table and their supervisor, in readable format.

Output is [employee full name, employee number, supervisor full name, supervisor employee number], and ordered by employee name.

– OracleEBS-Employee-Supervisor-Query.

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