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Pentax Mz M Pictures

25/06/2018 Pentax MZ-M / ZX-M camera reviews and specifications.

The Pentax MZ-M was the sole manual focus camera in the MZ/ZX line.

The camera was positioned as the.

like that automatically starts rewinding at the end of a roll, which is not so quiet.

I wish it would just stop taking pictures and wait for me to press a button to rewind.

The ZX-M makes wonderful photos with a brand new Pentax 24mm f/2.

0AL(IF) as well as a mid-80’s Sigma 50-200mm f/3.


5 APO zoom (with or without the matching 3-element macro diopter).

The internal exposure meter is well matched to the 50-100 speed slide films I shoot.

21/05/2020 The Pentax ZX-M.

Nikon and Canon had already tried the formula with the Nikon F-601/N6006 and the Canon EF-M: take an autofocus camera and derive a flash-less and autofocus-less version of it.

The goal was at the same time to please conservative clients adverse to auto-focus and to offer a cheaper entry to their line of modern cameras by removing the hardware associated to the #, The Pentax MZ-M is the replacement camera for the p30 t series.

it will take most of the k mount bayonet series using stop down metering.

it will also meter correctly with the ka bayonet series and the autofocus range of lenses at full aperture.

13/10/2018 The Pentax MZ-S was one of last film models from Pentax.

It was introduced in 2001 and produced until 2006.

The Pentax MZ-S was aimed at the enthusiast and pro user market, but to me it looks more of enthusiast camera # though this is my own subjective opinion based on my views about build robustness and speed of function.

14/05/2017 Pentax ‘s MZ-S represented the end of their high-end 35mm film lineage.

It had the potential to kick off a new paradigm in camera-user interface, though the design never received a second version.

Pentax MZ-M , Pentax -M 28mm F3.

5, Kodak Microfilm Imagelink HQ, exposed as ISO 40, developed as described before (14 minutes at 24 Deg.

C + alkaline pushing ), scanned with Plustek OpticFilm 8100, edited with GIMP.

pentax mz m pictures