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Party Horn Growtopia

Party Horn is a face item which was introduced during the first Anniversary Week.

It is a common drop from a Party -In-A-Box.

Party Horn | Growtopia Wiki | Fandom, Air Horn is an unsplicable hand item which was added on Anniversary Week 2019.

One can be obtained as possible reward upon consuming a Golden Party -In-A-Box.

When a player punches while equipping this item, a very loud noise can be heard for some while.

An Air Horn #, Growtopia Gazette: April 1st: April Update! Dear Growtopians, We fool you not, we really have a lot in store for everyone in the awesome month of April! – Let’s start off with the new Item of the Month: Hellfire Horns ! They allow you to shoot colored flamed and look wickedly wonderful! – We’ve unlocked the 3rd branch of prizes in Spring Clash!, Hellfire Horns – Orange is an unsplicable hat item which was added in the Block Party 2 Update.

One has a chance to be obtained from purchasing Hellfire Horns in the Growtopia Store on April 2019 for a price of 200,000 Gems.

When equipped, it will grant the player the Punch Range& Fireproof: Hellfire mod which allows the player to punch farther and reduces damage from burning hazards by 50%.

Every year in January, t.

here is a special event called the Growtopia Anniversary.

Skyrockets can be obtained by harvesting trees, and random events spawn in the other items like Party Clothes.

Items from 2014: Skyrocket (Chance to spawn when harvesting trees during Anniversary Week) ; Mini-Growtopian Leash (Note: This item is obtainable any time by reaching level 50), Hellfire Horns – Black is an unsplicable Hat item which was as April’s Item Of The Month for 2019 along with the Block Party 2 (update).

The item, along with the Hellfire Horns – Blue, Ruby and Orange were possible drops from purchasing April 2019’s Item Of The Month for 200,000 gems in the Store.

When equipped, it will grant the player the Punch Range& Fireproof: Hellfire mod which allows the.

Devil Horns # Golden Halo # Blueberry # Grow Spray Fertilizer # Freeze Wand # Fire Wand # Curse Wand # Das Red Balloon # Mud Glob # Valentine # Candy Heart # Perfume # Blueberry Pie # Duct Tape # Lucky Clover # Green Beer # Rotten Egg # Cuddly Bunny # Psychotic Bunny # Apple # #, Category:Pets | Growtopia Wiki | Fandom.

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