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Pantsir Sm Missile

19/06/2020 Russia will unveil its latest Pantsir-SM anti-aircraft system armed with small missiles to destroy mini-drones on June 24 during the Victory Day parade in #, The Pantsir-SM is a mobile short-range air defense missile system based on KamAZ K-53958 88 military truck chassis with an armor crew cab located at the front of the vehicle providing protection against firing of small arms and artillery shell splinters.

The Pantsir-SM , announced in 2016, will supposedly feature a detection range of up to 75 km and an engagement range of 40 km.

11 Russia first tested the Pantsir-SM in early 2019.

12 An export variant of the Pantsir-SM , the Pantsir-S1M, incorporates a new missile and features an engagement range of 30 km.

13 Service History, Pantsir-SM is intended to enter service with the Russian military in 2021 supports a line-of-sight radar surveillance range of 75 km and missile engagement at up to 40 km.

The export-oriented Pantsir-S1M packs 12 ready to fire missiles of two types.

The 57E6-E covers a range of 15-18 km and the new 57E6M-E missile doubles the range to 30 km.

According to Russian press, the Pantsir-S1 was qualified and delivered to the Russian anti- missile defense in late 2004 and was thereafter sold to several customers worldwide.

The Pantsyr-SM, also known as Pantsir-SM , is an upgraded variant of the Russian Air Force Pantsyr-S ground-based air defense system optimized for engaging unmanned aerial.

The Russian air defense system Pantsir-S has received a hypersonic missile.

Speaking to state-owned TASS Russian News Agency, Valery Slugin, the chief designer for air defense systems at Shipunov Design Bureau of Instrument-Making, said that the Pantsir-S is being armed with a new hypersonic missile.

He told the media outlet, #There are two missiles that fight the entire range of targets.

24/05/2019 The Pantsir S1 missile system is a self-propelled surface-to-air missile system.

analyzes Russian decision to develop new Pantsir variant Pantsir SM after failure against Israel.

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pantsir sm missile