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Pantsers Vs Plotters

Plotters also tend to get their novels written faster, or at least more smoothly.

Cons: Plotters are confined to their plans, meaning if they do get stuck or want to change something, they often have to redo their whole outline.

And I can tell you from experience, redoing an entire outline is not fun.

If you#re a plotter , then you#re in luck.

Writers generally fall into two categories when it comes to planning their novels: # plotters # and # pantsers.

# As a new writer still developing a writing style and finding your place in the writing world, it can be valuable to take some time to figure out which approach best fits you.

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Can readers guess how a story was plotted as they are reading it?

Was the writer a pantser or a plotter ?

Did the writer just sit down and start writing by the seat of their pants, or did they carefully work out the whole plot ahead of time, maybe in an outline, software, or just in their heads?

Would be writers often.

Plotters VS Pantsers.

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Plotters vs pantsers.

Plotters vs Pantsters sounds like a vicious fight.

I’m here to negotiate peace.

The ” vs ” is the problem.

We all are both; plotting some and pantsing some.

No one writes a #, For a lot of writers, planning out a novel or series can be a bit daunting and#perhaps#even limiting.

Why plot every minute detail when instead you can go with what feels natural as the story and characters develop?

On the other side of the spectrum, you have writers that enjoy the planning stages o, Whether you are a pantser or a plotter , improving consistency will help prevent huge edits.

Check out these tips for keeping the facts straight!, Posted by S.


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Pantsers : Can You Guess Which Side Stephen King and J.


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Since the dawn of storytelling, there have always been two types of storytellers: the Plotters and the Pantsers.

(If you’re wondering, yes, Pantsers predate the existence of pants.

)pantsers vs plotters