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P Roc Vpx Tables

I have P-ROC installed and everything is running fine since the release.

Thanks for putting this installer together and the Cactus Canyon Continued table.

I began looking at the Evil Dead table and was wondering since P-ROC is installed and working, would I skip to the game setup part of the Evil Dead wiki to get it up and going.

P-Roc is more a replacement for VPinMAME than something that is a precursor to Pup-Player.

All of this has been superseded by newer technologies, Mission Framework, etc.

But unless an author is really interested in coding for real pinball hardware, they can just use the native VPX command language (vbscript) to code for VPX.

23/01/2019 Is P-roc worth installing – posted in Virtual Pinball Cabinets: I have heard about this a few times and just read a post about CCC and evil dead, it sounds like there is a great deal of configuring to do to set this up.

Is that still true or was that just back in the day.

Is it worth setting up or are these tables available with just vpx now?

Thanks, 29/01/2019 When I try to run the EvilDead.

vpx table from within VP I am getting the following 3 errors (attached pictures).

I get the same errors when trying to run the skeleton table from vp also.

The evildead b2s backglass loads no problem.

I can run any other vpx table without issue.

I’ve gone through your wiki again and again.

Please help me out.

A simple animated PUP backglass for P-ROC Knight Rider.

The original was lost, so I recreated it from scratch with animations.

– 3D reflective logo – flashing lights and moving scanner – burnout smoke – animated neon border – Dash TV plays all series intros in a loop – Poster explosion, Do PUP triggers work with P-ROC tables ?

Specifically Knight Rider.


W41 (SW41 in VPX ), shooter lane trigger in PUP config is ignored.

I#ve tried GI and solenoids, however nothing seems to be recognised.

I#m guessing P-ROC loads VPX and runs almost independently.

Alternatively, is it possible to trigger a PUP event within P-ROC ?

Can that be an issue?

I normally have my scripts in the table folder, but I tried coping your 3.

vbs files to table folder and the scripts folder neither helps.

Also I noticed the core.

vbs supplied with the table is older (12-9-2015) that the vpx10.

1 scripts release.

I#ve tried with version VPX 10.

0 and 10.

1 should it work with either of them?

05/08/2019 For VPX 10.

4 or 10.

5, updating the script requires deleting out the old script and pasting in the updated script.

For CCC, the P-ROC flag should be changed to a value of 1.

For VPX 10.

6, users can just copy the vbs file to the same folder as the table.

The vbs file name should be identical to the table file name.

Rename if necessary.

p roc vpx tables