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Outlier Og Pants

This is the original Outlier pant.

Designed as a bike-to-work pant but versatile enough to wear in almost any situation.

The OG Cloth is in many ways our most technical fabric.

A four-way stretch doubleweave from Schoeller textil in Switzerland that combines incredible comfort with maximum performance in #, At Outlier we hunt the globe over for the material difference, the absolute best fabrics, hardware and trims to build our clothing.

The materials are what set us apart from the bullshit brands.

From the finest single-origin merinos to radical new synthetic developments and intimate hybrids of nature and technology, we insist on the best.

A pant that wears like a short, made from a fabric remarkably open to the air yet opaque to the eye.

Linen’s dry touch and beautiful aging character meets a radical warp-knit weft-insertion technique to create an ideal summer pant.

30/01/2018 Outlier pants will also be more comfortable, durable, and versatile than almost any other pants.

OG Climbers.

These are made from Outlier #s OG Cloth, and this is the stretchiest, most insane fabric you can get.

They are styled very casually, fit and wear casually, and I describe them like wearing loose fitting yoga pants # you won#t.

With the Outlier Supermarine Cap, Outlier Hard/co Merino Hoodie, Outlier OG Climbers, CabinZero Classic Pro 42l and Nanobag.

Conclusion These might be my new favorite Outlier pants , although I thought the same thing when I tried on the Futureworks as well.

23/12/2009 Outlier 4Season OG Pants.

In my test this past fall, the OGs have held up to bike commutes and long days sitting at a desk working.

They are #, A slim cut pant engineered for a life of maximum flexibility.

Our OG Cloth has an incredible four-way stretch, serious durability and doublewoven comfort.

The 2018 version has been completely revised for the first time ever, albeit mostly in subtle behind-the-scenes sorts of ways.

The heart of the pant is still our very first fabric, the OG Cloth.

Woven in Switzerland by Schoeller, you can think of it as our most technical fabric.

The doubleweave construction has a tightly woven nylon on the exterior for durability and a loose, highly breathable three dimensional weave on the inside for soft, breathable comfort.

Outlier 4Season OG Pants Men’s 35 x 32 Inseam in Gray ~READ FLAWS~ $65.


Material: Polyester.


75 shipping.



Closure: Button.

New Outlier Strong Dungarees 28w.



Material: Nylon.


99 shipping.


Only 1 left! Color: Gray.


$198 – Outlier Slim Dungarees – 35W x 32 Plum slate.

Anii wearing Outlier’s original garment, the OG Pants.


2008) Outlier was born in the Spring of 2008, in Brooklyn, NY, when a barista named Jenni Bryant realized two of her regular customers needed to meet.

Abe Burmeister had been experimenting with making a better pair of pants for his bike commute while Tyler Clemens had been doing the same.

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