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Ottoman Devshirme Ap World History

AP World History : The Ottoman Empire.



Sunni-One of the two main branches of Islam.

Devshirme Soldiers.

Boys taken from conquered Christian families who were trained as Janissaries.

Janissaries-A member of the Turkish infantry forming the Sultan’s guard between the #, 02/11/2017 The Ottoman Empire was one of the mightiest and longest-lasting dynasties in world history.

This Islamic-run superpower ruled large areas of #, Question: What is Devshirme ?

The Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman Empire (1299-1923) was a polyethnic, multiconfessional empire located in southeastern Europe, #, Annotation.

The devshirme system began in the late 14th century.

Christian boys were recruited by force to serve the Ottoman government.

The boys were generally taken from the Balkan provinces, converted to Islam, and then passed through a series of examinations to #, You and your group will be looking into the success and eventual downfall of an empire.

You will need to take notes and will be assigned a poster for one of the empires listed above.

The Early Ottoman Empire.


The boys contributed to the devshirme were converted to Islam and learned Turkish and those who became slave troops were called Janissaries.

The Ottomans also outfitted their forces with gunpowder weapons.

Ottoman military leaders organized ghazi into two forces, light cavalry and infantry.

The Ottoman Empire became the center of the Islamic world following the retrenching of the Mongol Empire.

Founded in Western Anatolia by Osman, the Ottoman Turks quickly conquered Constantinople in 1453 and expanded to become one of history ‘s most important and lengthy empires.

Devshirme : The tribute of boy children that the Ottoman Turks levied from their Christian subjects in the Balkans; the Ottomans raised the boys for service in the civil administration or in the elite Janissary infantry corps: 5: 5403566442: Dona Marina, 1718-1730; last year of the reign of Ottoman sultan Ahmed III, during which European styles and attitudes became briefly popular in Istanbul Shi’ite Islam A branch of Islam that states that G-d vests leadership of the community in a descendent of Muhammad’s son-in-law Ali.

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