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If user name is not specified, W, OpenL Tablets targets the infamous gap between business requirements (rules and policies) and software implementation.

Designed to be straightforward and intuitive for business people, OpenL Tablets made its rules representation impressively close to documents usually created by business (it intends business requirements, etc.


, OpenL Tablets Demo contains ready to be used OpenL Tablets business rules management system.

You can create and manage your business rules, deploy them in one click and these rules will be ready to be consumed by any application.

For quick start several rule projects are already loaded and opened in WebStudio.

, OpenL Resources.

Features OpenL Tablets treats tables in Excel files as a source of application logic.

This approach may be unusual, but it has it’s own unique advantages, in particular it allows to close the gap between business world and IT world.

, Overview of OpenL Tablets self-service infrastructure.

In this videocast you will be introduced to the OpenL Tablets WebStudio application (5.

11 version) and how an analyst can use it to make changes to a rules project.

We will use the example of an insurance rating plan as the basis for a rules project.

, OpenL Tablets WebStudio provides an advanced functionality for creating and modifying rules, viewing errors, and executing tests.


2 Working with Projects in OpenL Tablets WebStudio OpenL Tablets WebStudio is intended for a multi-user environment.

It provides a centralized storage of rule, Make sure that running of Rules in WebStudio will produce the desired results, otherwise you probably missed something.

Tutorial 2 – Introduction to Data Tables.

This tutorial demonstrates how to enter relational data into OpenL Tablets.

Data can be used everywhere within OpenL Tablets and your Java application as familiar Java Arrays.

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