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Omnicell Xt Cabinets

Omnicell XT Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet Choices.

No other medication dispensing system offers more cabinet choices to meet the needs of acute and non-acute care sites.

Medications and supplies can be combined in a single cabinet , adding convenience and saving space; Drawers can easily be added or changed on-site as clinical needs change, The scalable Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing System can easily be expanded with additional cabinets , and drawers can be added or changed on-site as clinical needs evolve.

Medications and supplies can be combined in a single cabinet , promoting convenience and saving space.

XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets and Drawers XT Cabinet Specifications, As part of the Omnicell Supply Management System, our XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets keep consumable medical supplies secure yet easily accessible.

XT cabinets are thoughtfully designed to deliver generous capacity and ease of use for acute care and non-acute care environments.

Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets.

Omnicell approached Y Studios to create a revolutionary design for their Automated Dispensing Cabinets.

Inventing a design language that allowed for complete modularity was key to meeting their customer#s specific configurations and #, Rapid Response XT Cabinets.

With healthcare settings under enormous pressure and COVID-19 still a very real threat, the ability to respond quickly and scale up to meet demand is imperative.

Speed is Critical.

That#s why we are fast-tracking production and deployment of our XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets to our trusted partners.

Three-Cell Cabinet Dimensions: # Height: 77.

5″ # Width: 76.

5″ # Depth: 27.

0″ Two-Cell Cabinet Dimensions: # Height: 77.

5″ # Width: 51.

5″, The new Omnicell XT Series Automated Dispensing Cabinets will help your Trust to achieve all three.

#If all NHS hospitals achieve the 20 days stock holding target then this alone could save 200 million#, Rapid Response XT Cabinets We know the healthcare industry is under pressure.

American Hospital Association data suggests the U.


could potentially need 300,000 more ICU beds#about 500% of capacity#due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1, The operating temperature for most Omnicell XT cabinets is 5 to 35 C.

The storage temperature is from -40 to +85 C.

Heat Dissipation.

This table contains useful information for determining a site#s heating and ventilation setup so that room temperatures can be maintained with the cabinets installed.

The Omnicell XT FlexLock is a medical refrigerator lock and temperature monitoring system that complies with the latest CDC guidelines on storing refrigerated vaccines including accurate calibration within 0.


1 In fact, it’s the only pharmacy refrigerator temperature monitoring system integrated with automated dispensing cabinets that.

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