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Oh Dem Golden Slippers James Bland

In fact ” Oh , Dem Golden Slippers !” was written by the black Northerner James Bland rather than by the white composer Foster, and although it is an original, it was written as a Minstrel-style parody of ” Golden Slippers ,” a song performed by the Fisk Jubilee Singers, the first singing ensemble to popularize the African American spiritual.

, 17/01/2019 Oh Dem Golden Slippers (minstrel song, 1879) ( James Bland ) Edward Pleasant, baritone (with Paragon Minstrel Band) from Black Manhattan, Vol.

3 The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra Rick Benjamin, director.

, 30/12/2014 MusicUNTOLD September 22, 2012 150th Emancipation Proclamation concert.

Tenor, George Shirley and Pianist, Althea Waites perform ” Oh Dem Golden Slippers ” James A.

Bland (1854-1911) For more, visit.

, Oh dem Golden Slippers.

Song & Chorus.

Words and Music by James Bland , of Sprague’s Georgia Minstrels.


by F.


Published 1879 by John F.

Perry & Co.

, Music Publishers, 13 West Street in Boston.

Composition of strophic with chorus with piano and voice instrumentation.

, Bland ‘s song soon outstripped the Fisk song in popularity; by now people tend to think of ” Oh , Dem Golden Slippers ” as the original and the Fisk spiritual as some kind of variant.

It is, in fact, somewhat disconcerting to hear ” Oh , Dem Golden Slippers ” as first published, with its mocking piano part and its silly verse proclaiming it a parody.

, James Bland may have heard # Oh , Dem Golden Slippers # performed by Mummers towards the end of his life, when he lived in Philadelphia in the early 1900s.

Bland had toured England in the early 1880s with Haverly#s Colored Minstrels, a prominent black minstrel troupe.

, 14/09/2010 Dem Golden Slippers By Vernon Dalhart and Co.

on Edison 52174-R.

Nice banjo solo on this electric recording.

” Oh Dem Golden Slippers ” James A.

Bland (1854-1911) – Duration: 3:00.


, Chicago citation style: Bland , James.

Oh , Dem Golden Slippers.

John F.

Perry & Co.

, Boston, monographic, 1879.

Notated Music.

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gov /item/sm1879.


, Words & music: James A.

Bland (published by John F.

Perry & Co.

, Boston, 1879) Midi or.


Oh , dem golden slippers ! Golden slippers Ise gwine to wear, to walk de golden street.


Oh my ole banjo hangs on de wall, Kase it ain#t been tuned since way last fall, But de darks all say we will hab a oh dem golden slippers james bland