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Odk X Tables

Using ODK-X Tables.

ODK-X Tables is a program that allows you to visualize and update existing data.

Using Tables as your entry-point to data collection, you will be able to gather data using ODK-X Survey, sync it to a server using ODK-X Services, and have other users and edit this same data on their own devices.

, The creation of data tables is handled within the ODK-X Application Designer.

ODK-X Tables can display and present data, but cannot create Tables on the fly.

This enables the ODK-X Services application to enforce that the configuration of the device (its tables , HTML files, form definitions, and so on) are identical to those on the server.

, ODK Aggregate Tables Extension.

ODK Aggregate Tables Extensions enable the ODK-X tools to share data via bi-directional synchronization with a central ODK Aggregate server.

However, this approach is no longer supported, please migrate to ODK-X Sync Endpoint.

The ODK-X REST Protocol is compatible with ODK Aggregate v1.



The sync protocol has been augmented to cache the user’s permissions.

, Software The current and previous releases of ODK-X (formerly ODK 2) tools are hosted on GitHub in each tool#s repository.

The tools are generally updated every month, so stay up to date by watching the releases category on the forum.

ODK-X Tables, data # contains the database and row-level attachments (files).

output # contains files that are generated (such as detailed logging files) or exported (such as CSV files) by the ODK-X tools on the device.

system # an area maintained by the tools themselves ( ODK-X Survey, ODK-X Tables , ODK-X Scan, and so on).

These files are extracted and placed here by the APKs.

, tables.

This project is actively maintained.

It is part of the ODK 2.

0 Android tools suite.

ODK Tables is a program that allows you to visualize and edit data, revisiting existing data and syncing it with an ODK Aggregate instance in the cloud.

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