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Obikes Yarra River

28/09/2017 After dozens of oBikes were fished out of the Yarra river the ride-sharing company behind the scheme has admitted customer’s misuse is taking a toll on business.

26/09/2017 Contractors collect oBikes from the Yarra River.

Credit: Joe Armao Jason Wittmann and two deckhands used a grappling hook to detect bikes sitting at the bottom of the river #, Dozens of oBikes have been fishe.

d out of Melbourne’s Yarra River again An image taken from near the Morell Bridge shows the bikes staked on a boat Melbourne councils announced they will impound.

16/07/2018 Yarra River oBike.

Posted July 16, 2018 12:09:44 Dozens of oBikes were pulled out of Melbourne’s Yarra River.

“Whether oBikes remains in Melbourne is a matter for the company,” the Government said.

Scores of the yellow oBikes have been dumped in the Yarra River.

( Twitter: Peter Froutzis ), In a clean up of Melbourne#s Yarra River , oBikes were the catch of the day.

Andrew Kelly, from Yarra River keepers Association, said his organisation, in partnership with the Cleanwater Group.

17/11/2017 OBikes fished out of the Yarra River.

Picture: Damon Johnston In September, more than 40 oBikes were removed from the Yarra , mostly sunk between Charles Grimes Bridge and Kings Bridge.

27/09/2017 M ore than 40 oBikes have been found submerged in the Yarra river in the latest saga for the dockless bikes.

On Tuesday, contractors working for #, Obike in the Yarra River.



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Obike in the Yarra River.

Family members of obikes that floated down the river were mad at me.

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obikes yarra river