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19/09/2017 Melbourne really get behind oBikes Source:Supplied FOR A CITY that has embraced deconstructed avocado smash, food trucks for dogs and every other inner-city trend, Melbourne #, 06/02/2020 Melbourne #s oBikes face impounding under anti-clutter crackdown.

Read more The bikes come with electric motors and helmets.

The trial comes #, “Whether oBikes remains in Melbourne is a matter for the company,” the Government said.

Scores of the yellow oBikes have been dumped in the Yarra River.

(Twitter: Peter Froutzis), oBike’s Melbourne adventure is over, less than a year after it began.

The dockless bikeshare company has withdrawn from the Victorian capital and its distinctive yellow bikes are currently being.

13/06/2018 oBikes take Australia by storm.

oBike was Australia#s first dockless (or stationless) bike sharing scheme.

Born in Singapore, it started operation in Melbourne in June 2017, with support from.

The City of Melbourne is hoping people will treat a possible new share-bike scheme with more “respect” than the failed oBikes scheme, warning that anyone who throws an e-bike into the Yarra River.

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