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Nftables Masquerade

The following is an example of nftables rules for setting up basic Network Addres.

s Translation (NAT) using masquerade.

If you have a static IP, it would be slightly faster to use source nat (SNAT) instead of masquerade.

This way the router would replace the source with a predefined IP, instead of looking up the outgoing IP for every packet.

Using Linux as router with nftables – masquerade not forwarding reply back.


Is it possible to filter/drop packets by MAC using nftables.


How do I create a named set of strings in nftables (for interface names)?


nftables with openvpn and lxc.


Ubuntu Server – #, nftables is a subsystem of the Linux kernel providing filtering and classification of network packets/datagrams/frames.

It has been available since Linux kernel 3.

13 released on 19 January 2014.

nftables replaces the legacy iptables portions of Netfilter.

Among the advantages of nftables over iptables is less code duplication and easier extension to new protocols.

nftables is configured via the.

The nftables wiki leaves some questions unanswered.

For example, the section on masquerading doesn’t describe how to attach the masquerading rule to one interface vs the other.

networking firewall nat gateway.

# Masquerade outgoing traffic oifname wan0 masquerade } }.

I am trying to setup NFTables to forward traffic coming in on a specific UDP port to another server with a different IP address.

However, it appears my masquerade rule isn’t working.

When I send packets to this specific UDP port, it attempts to forward the traffic, but it doesn’t change the source IP to the forwarding server’s IP address.

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