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Nfpa 70e Table 130 7

NFPA 70E Table 130.

7 (C) (15) (a) Hazard/Risk Category Classifications.

Task (Assumes Equipment is Energized and Work is Done within the Flash Protection Boundary) Hazard Risk Category V-rated Gloves V-rated Tools Panelboards Rated 240 V and Below # Notes 1 and 3 Circuit breaker (CB) or fused switch operations with covers on, the NFPA 70E Tables Palmer Hickman NJATC Director of Code and Safety Training and Curriculum Development.

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energy analysis is completed or if Table 130.

7 (C)(15)(a), Table 130.

7 (C)(15)(b), and Table 130.

7 (C)(16) are used in lieu of an incident energy analysis in #, NFPA Table 130.

7 (C) (16) Protective Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazard/Risk Category 0.

Protective Clothing and PPE : Protective clothing, non-melting, or untreated natural fiber (e.


untreated cotton, wool, rayon, or silk, or a blend of these materials) with a #, Table 130.

7 (C)(15)(A)(b) Arc-Flash Hazard PPE Categories for Alternating Current (ac) Systems Equipment Arc Flash PPE Category Arc-Flash Boundary Panelboards or other equipment rated 240 V and below 1 485 mm Parameters: Maximum of 25 kA short-circuit current available; maximum of 0.

03 sec (2 cycles) fault clearing time; working distance 455 mm.

NFPA-70E Table 130.

7 (C)(16) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) The proper selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will reduce the risk #, NFPA 70E -Proposed 2015 Edition Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace TIA Log No.

1128 Reference: Table 130.

7 (C)(15)(A)(a) Comment Closing Date: May 16, 2014 Submitters: Marcia Eblen, Pacific Gas & Electric and James T.

Dollard Jr.

IBEW Local Union 98 1.

Revise Table 130.

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