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With 12 Patents and 27 Awards, Xdesk is the original electric standing desk.

Explore 20 adjustable height desk models handcrafted in Austin, TX with pride.

Featuring more stability and more capacity than ever before, the all-new Terra 2S brings second generation NextDesk technologies to life.

With optional integrated storage solutions, autonomous movement, new safety features, and superior stability, the new 2S boasts more user-centric solutions than any desk before it.

Every Xdesk model exudes fascinating appeal, setting them far apart from every other standing desk.

With a delightfully eclectic design and an authentic independent spirit.

Watch The Film.

Watch The Film.

The all-new 2018 Xdesk models bring second generation patent-pending technologies to life.

Xdesk users now enjoy more choices and more user.

18/10/2019 Xdesk Terra Stability.

The Xdesk Terra is the fourth desk I have reviewed with a traditional cross support.

The VertDesk v3, GeekDesk v3 and StandDesk Simple all included traditional cross supports as well.

Having a stable standing desk is one of the #, My review model has a solid bamboo top, but the Air models come with an aluminum slab.

Stand or Sit.

One of the best features of the NextDesk is that it is adjustable.

With my homemade solutions I was stuck at one height.

With an adjustable desk, I can sit or stand.

The option is nice for new standers, as they might not be comfortable standing.

Xdesk, Austin, Texas.

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Height Adjustable, Standing Desks.

Improve your health.

Live longer.

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Give us a call at 855-718-1601, NextDesk | Height Adjustable, Standing Desks.

Improve your health.

Live longer.

These models offer a spacious desktop area with up three times more surface area than a typical standing desk.

Custom design your own desk to for your office, space, and lifestyle.

From the moment you touch the button, Xdesk L-desks begin and end each controlled motion with an elegant glide.

Terra Pro is hand-crafted from solid brushed aluminum to deliver strength, beauty and a sense of quality like no other.

Terra is the #1 rated standing desk, Xdesk is the original with 27 awards and counting.

Explore 20 standing desk models handcrafted in Austin, TX with pride.

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Sheet of aluminum on motorized legs.

I have an earlier model of this mouse – best thing Ive ever bought! Reply @zayden20846714 It’s why more comfortable then the Razer Deathader Elite if you have ever owned one or seen one.

nextdesks models