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Nash Guitars Pb 57

Nash Guitars PB 57 Black $ 2,228.

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Nash Guitars PB57.

Another timeless classic in the Nash Guitars range that I could not avoid to have here.

The PB57 is modelled standard all bass players dream to have.

It has been rethought by Nash Guitars , and the result is outstanding.

858-550-0300 Nash Bass Guitars.

Bill Nash builds the worlds best aged guitars.

Not just a pretty face, they truly capture the tone of the age.

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Nashguitars PB-57.

Light Aged 2-Tone Burst.

Nashguitars PB-57 , just perfect.

’57 #, 11/07/2018 Morten Ehlers from Bass Buddha makes a review of the P 52 from Nash Guitars.

The Bass features a heavy aged ash body with butterscotch color, maple neck and fingerboard and a Lollar pickup.

Nash Guitars.

Nash Guitars came about when Bill Nash decided to start building guitars that aren’t extremely expensive, yet can still capture that great look, feel, and playability of vintage Fender guitars.

They are easily one of the best values in guitars we have for sale here at Humbucker Music.

Not only does his models look and feel like vintage guitars , they also feature a number of.

The fit, finish, and feel of Nash ‘s basses is everything you want out of a vintage instrument, without the hefty price tag.

This light-medium relic PB-57 features a Gold Anodized pickguard and Lollar Split Coil P #, 01/09/2011 Today we are looking at a fabulous Precision Bass copy: a Bill Nash built PB 57.

It is a great bass, but it won#t be sticking around too long.

Bill Nash has been assembling vintage-style guitars since 2001, and has gained a lot of respect and a faithful following because he builds guitars that play very well and sound incredible.

Nash PB-57.


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Nash TB-68.

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Nash JB63 Natural Lollar Pickups.

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Nash Guitar JB63 Teal Green Metallic.



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Nash JB-63 2015 Candy Apple Red.


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Bill Nash has made a name for himself building high-quality custom replica guitars and basses, often aged/distressed, out of Olympia, Washington since 2001.

 The Nash PB-63 is a Precision Bass replica built to custom specifications.

Because many models are unique to the customer’s requests, m.

Though the impact of the electric guitar is obvious, the significance of the electric bass is just as influential in the creation of modern popular music.

Eschewing the traditional stand up bass in favor of the electric enabled groups to perform in larger venues, to bigger audiences, and was the last step in truly electrifying music.

Our goal was to bring the feel, resonance, tonal characteristics and playability folks enjoy about our guitars and basses, but in a nearly new look.

Body paint is kept as thin as possible (using 100% nitrocellulose lacquer), but are highly polished and perfected before the sheen is toned down.

A minor flaw or ding will sometimes be seen.

nash guitars pb 57