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Arquivo do blogue 2020 (24) Maio (17) Salada fresca de atum;, We would like to show you a description here but the site won#t allow us.

, When I think of my casual FALL wardrobe staples.

a few things come to mind for me: flattering slim denim, merino wool sweaters, and scarves.

Every casual outfit I wear in the FALL consists of at least one of these elements.

and also when paired together they work so well.

if it is a little cooler, throw on a blazer for your outerwear.

, This free casual game will have you tapping like crazy in your little free time like work breaks, waiting for a bus, on the metro, and before bedtime! Bonnie became interested in food and cooking when she discovered all kinds of sweet treats in a rainbow of colors the first time: Delightful lollipops, chocolate gingerbread men, cupcakes, and.

, I’d wear them with a white/ivory baby doll dress and prance about, just because it feels so.

And then I’d wear them with skinny jeans, an equally pink frilly tube-top and a little leather sling bag for brunch with the girl friends.

Perhaps with denim shorts and a pretty brown knit sweater, for that casual date.

, Now it’s time to make the seasoning butter.

I don#t like my breads to taste too much of garlic so I don’t mince the garlic, when I melt the butter I put one whole garlic clove in as it melts and then take it out.

Also add your herbs to the butter.

Grill the breads in a hot, dry ski.

llet/frying pan, between 2 – #, Craving for some Korean food, I dragged my boyfriend down to Hudadak for some late night dinner.

A small local restaurant; with a very casual atmosphere and welcoming staff.

The first thing I noticed when entering was how humid the place was, it needed better ventilation inside because it got really stuffy within a few minutes of sitting down.

, It is super casual and I also plan to always wear it with flat sandals.

The material is not too sheer, not sure about the lighter colors though.

I like the drawstring effect which you can’t really see in my crap-tastic picture.

And the skirt is flouncy and cute without being too short, it hits me about 3 inches above my knee and I am 5’9.

, 27/01/2014 Perfect for grabbing coffee with friends, shopping downtown, or any other time you want to up the ante on your casual style, this ensemble will have heads turning in admiration.


9 Essential Striped Tee by Khol’s $9.


Modern Skinny Jeans in Smoky Grey by Loft $64.


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