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Monos Luggage Kickstarter

Premium luggage for journeys near and far.

Explore our minimalist collection of well-crafted, modern classics # all with a lifetime warranty, 100-day trial, and free US/Canada shipping.

19/11/2018 Monos Luggage has just launched on KickStarter.

They have brought on Funded Today to help bring their product to a wider audience and increase pledges for the duration of the campaign.

Vancouver, Canada – November 19, 2018 /FundedToday/ # About Monos, 13/11/2018 The Monos Luggage collection includes three sizes: Carry-On, Carry-On Plus, and Check-In.

All three come in eight colors that range from Stellar White and Rose Quartz to Olive Green and Midnight Black.

The collection will also have a lower than expected price, as the studio aims to eliminate retailer markups.

16/10/2019 Optimus Luggage is raising funds for OPTIMUS | Premium Luggage at Revolutionary Prices on Kickstarter ! Durable and timeless hard-case luggage at the lowest possible price.


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Premium travel pieces for journeys near and far.

(1 months ago) The complete collection of Monos luggage will be available in three sizes: Carry-On (22# x 14# x 9#), Bigger Carry-On (23# x 15# x 9.

5#), and Check-In (30# x 21# x 13.

7#), starting at an early backer price of $150 for the Carry-On.

Early backers will be able to get over 40% off all models when the Monos.

30/10/2018 VANCOUVER, British Columbia (PRWEB) October 30, 2018 Monos # an independent Canadian studio creating beautifully designed, accessibly priced, exceptionally high quality luggage # announced the official pre-launch of its Kickstarter campaign today.

PLEVO, LLC is raising funds for PLEVO – The World’s Most Innovative Smart Luggage on Kickstarter ! Three Smart Products.

Removable Battery Pack, GPS Tracking, Smart Lock, Built-in Digital Scale, Garment Hanger, Travel Assistant App, Compare to The Expandable Bigger Carry-On Meet our softside Expandable Carry-On suitcase, thoughtfully built with a durable, water-resistant nylon exterior designed to expand by 1.

75″ so you can pack even more in.

Plus, its flexibility makes it that much easier to take it anywhere you might be going.

Most Advanced Luggage Technology; Intelligent Way To Travel “Modobag is one of the most innovative and exciting advancements to hit the travel industry since rolling suitcases were introduced in the 1970’s.

I have test driven the Modobag at heavily-trafficked airports, including O’Hare, JFK and LaGuardia.

From the first-time traveler to the.

monos luggage kickstarter