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Minot Nd Flood Pictures 2011

The 2011 Souris/Mouse River flood in Canada and the United States occurred in June and was greater than a hundred-year flooding event for the river.

The US Army Corps of Engineers estimated the flood to have a recurrence interval of two to five centuries.

The Souris River begins in southeastern Saskatchewan, flows southeast into North Dakota , then to southwestern Manitoba.

Minot , North Dakota Flood waters begin to pour through a breached levee and flood the Minot Country Club Thursday, June 23, 2011 in Minot , N.


Credit: Christian Randolph, 12/06/2014 The Minot Flood of 2011.

Posted on June 12, 2014,.

the thought that anywhere in central or western North Dakota would be experiencing historic floods in the near future would have been seen as unrealistic considering how dry that area was as seen with the Palmer Indexes in June 2008.

The Minot Daily News brings you this limited edition book that covers the devastating flood in Minot , North Dakota in 2011.

This book takes you through the initial stages of the flood along with the devastation that took place all the way up to the community banding together, in a true North Dakota fashion, and rebuilding what was lost.



National Guard North Dakota is suffering from its worst flood in history after the Souris River broke the levees last week in Minot.

11,000 residents have been evacuated and 1,100 National.

Minot Daily News May 28, 2016 MINOT # The most devastating flood ever to hit Minot occurred in 2011.

River levels never before experienced in the Souris River Valley damaged thousands of homes, striking a severe that pushed countless residents into temporary living quarters or forced them to leave the area entirely.

Houses in Minot , North Dakota are lost to floods, as the Souris River spills over levees and dikes June 25, 2011.

Flood projections forecast about 18 more inches (46 cm) of water before levels.

Learn more about USGS flood activities related to the April 2011 North Dakota Flood resulting from sudden winter snowmelt due to warmer-than-expected temperatures and rain.

On April 6, 2011 , warmer-than-expected temperatures, combined with some light rain, initiated the melt process.

The City of Minot has had a lengthy history of flooding in the Mouse River valley.

Because of that, flood fighting efforts have been skillfully developed by City staff in order to protect the City of Minot from potentially devastating flooding.

Flood Risk Factors.

There are four factors to consider when assessing the risk of spring flooding.

23, 2011 , emergency levee operations began and on May 31, 2011 , the City ordered the first of two mandatory evacuations of residents in the valley.

The river crested approximately one foot below expectations and residents were allowed to return.

Aerial view of Minot flooding , June 25, 2011 ( Minot Geoeye Satellite photo)

minot nd flood pictures 2011