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05/05/2005 Photo.

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I had a XG 9 minolta camera with a lot of lenses.

It is out of order, and my son wishes to use the lenses and buy an, The Minolta XG cameras are 35mm SLRs of the Minolta SR system, sold from 1977 to 1984.

The Minolta XG series was launched together with the much more sophisticated Minolta XD series in 1977 as a budget line of small, lightweight, and easy-to-use electronic SLR with an automatic exposure mode.

You cannot purchase this camera anymore.

As a first in the line-up of Minolta SLRs, these cameras #, 14/03/2009 A tribute to the oft underated Minolta XG series cameras! Residing in the shadow of the XD11, these cameras get little recognition, yet are very capable.

XG1, XG7, XG9 , XGM (X-70), XGA, or XG-SE photos welcome.

Minolta XG-9 SLR Film Camera Sample Photos Also known as Minolta XG-S in Japan.

Film Size: 135 Picture Size: 24x36mm: Marketed: 1979: Lens Mount: MD: Random Minolta XG-9 Samples from 16 available Photos more.

Comments Guest 03-Jul-2009 14:04: I #, Minolta XG9 Country of manufacture or final assembly: Japan Made from 1979 to 0.

Scarcity index in France: Uncommon lens minolta MD rokkor 50 mm f/1.

7, Minolta Xg9 , Minolta 50mm f/1.

7 Camera Lenses, Sony E Minolta MD/MC/SR Lens Adapters, Mounts & Tubes, Minolta f/2.

8 Camera Lenses 50mm Focal, Minolta MD f/1.

2 Camera Lenses, Minolta MD Camera Lenses, Minolta MD Macro/Close Up Camera Lenses 50mm Focal, Minolta MD f/5.

6 Camera Lenses, Canon EOS Minolta MD/MC/SR Camera Lens Adapters, This item Minolta Xg9 35mm Camera.

Minolta XG-1 35mm Camera.

Minolta X-700 Film Camera And A 50mm f/1.

7 Manual Focus Lens.

where the built in meter will assist in choosing exposure values to yield a ‘properly’ exposed photo.

Product information Package Dimensions 7.

3 x 4.

5 x 4.

4 inches Item Weight 6.

54 pounds ASIN B008SBM3EE, View and Minolta XG-9 owner’s manual online.

XG-9 film camera pdf manual.

Also for: Al-f.

14/08/2016 By replacing the CdS metering cells of the original AE finder with advanced Silicon photo cells in the new AE-S finder, Minolta was able to speed up the metering of the XK so that it could shoot at the higher frame rates required by professionals.

Additionally beneficial was that the new finder was more compact than the previous one, offered a.

The XG7 was so successful that Minolta decided to split up the camera into two separate models called the XG1 and XG9.

The XG1 would become a less expensive entry level camera, and the XG9 would improve upon on the XG7 with a redesigned viewfinder, brighter focus screen, a depth of view preview button, and support for a Minolta quartz data back.

minolta xg9 photos