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Megasquirt Ve Table Explained

Creating an Initial VE Table for Tuning.

This is a tool for establishing a baseline VE table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt.

It is designed to work in Internet #, Ve Table Tuning EFI Analytics , Inc I MegaSquirt firmware uses 4 cell interpolation Good Ve Table Values guideline 30 # 130 Values typically increase as you climb through the table If VE Values out of range adjust required fuel recommendedVE = currentVE * (egoCorrection/100) * (actualAFR / targetAFR) Typical Values: Idle 30 # 60, 14/02/2018 First off, the VE values in your table are not real VE.

It’s possible (and desireable) to use the full 8 bit resolution of the VE table on an n/a engine, and have values of 200% and higher.

this is not related in any way to your duty cycle, although the actual PW calculation gets part of it’s value from there.

Manually Adjusting VE Table For First Drive Once idle afr is set, you can look at the VE table and see how the numbers surrounding the idle area match the numbers you just set for idle.

If it is idling properly with a value 40 for instance and the numbers just to the right or above the idle area is 35 or 55, they need to be modified before you.

04/11/2018 How to tune your VE table on LS engines with factory ECU with HPtuners.

30/10/2012 Ok so I read the sticky on how VE tables work but I am still left with one nagging question.

What IS that VE number?

Of course I am assuming it’s volumetric efficiency.

But I keep reading that if I have a rich condition, say LTFT’s are high, then I increase the VE value at that point to richen it up.

Why does increasing the VE value make the engine run richer.

Since: P = VE * MAP (i.


the pressure in the cylinder in kPa), V = CYL_DISP = the displacement of one cylinder (in liters), R = 8.

3143510 J/mol K, and T = (IAT-32)* 5 / 9 + 273 to convert IAT from Fahrenheit to Kelvin.

Note that we can combine the constants R and MM air into one, and we will ignore them from this point on since they can be hard-coded into the assembly language code and.

02/12/2013 VE tuning (aka how to get a base map really quickly).

Volumetric Efficiency Explained – Duration: 5:46.

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