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Makaya Ntshoko Drums

The Dollar Brand Trio (with Johnny Gertze on bass and Makaya Ntshoko on drums ) subsequently played at many European festivals, as well as on radio and television.

Ibrahim and Benjamin moved to New York in 1965 [11] and that year he played at the Newport Jazz Festival , followed by a first tour through the US; in 1966 Ibrahim substituted for.

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More recently Makaya Ntshoko can be seen on stage more frequently in performances with artists such as John Tchicai (tenor), Pierre Favre ( drums ), Irene Schweizer (piano) or with his own Makaya and the New Tsotsis (the original Tsotsis were a project of his in the mid 70s) with Andy Scherrer (tenor), Vera Kappeler (piano) and Stephan Kurmann.

Waldron, Mal: Moods.

Enja: ENJ21102.

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Mal Waldron (piano), Makaya Ntshoko (drums ), Cameron Brown (double bass), Hermann Breuer (trombone), Terumasa Hino (cornet), Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone), Adbullah Ibrahim: piano; Johnny Gerze: bass; Makaya Ntshoko: drums , with (on bonus tracks) Hugh Masekela: trumpet; Jonas Gwangwa: trombone; Kippie Moeketsi alto sax Recorded in Johannesburg, February 4th and January 22nd, 1960.

Adolph Johannes Brand was born in #, Drums # Makaya Ntshoko Liner Notes # Carl Brauer , Jean Levin , Pia And Werner *, 25/05/2020 Makaya Ntshoko drums ; 1 Review MH1000 Feb 04 2006.

Hannibal In Antibes starts off really very badly, so much so that you#re almost tempted to give up on the thing.

The problem is it starts with about a three minute drum solo.

I mean drum solos are bad enough anywhere on a record, but to start an album with one is just madness.

30/10/2017 Drums # Makaya Ntshoko Mixed By # Craig Johnson (3) Photography By [Photo By] # Ken ‘Software’ Brunton *, Recorded in 1975 at a Munich nightclub, Adams is accompanied by two of his Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra bandmates: pianist Walter Norris and bassist Georg Mraz, with Makaya Ntshoko capably filling the drummer#s chair.

The one-plus set#s worth of music includes the title track, a moving balladmakaya ntshoko drums