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Macv 1 Boots Review

In June, 2018 GORUCK announced they were creating boots then posted up a pre-order with an anticipated ship date of October, 2018.

A few days after that pre-order went live I had MACV-1 boots in size 12, 13, and 14 ordered.

This post is going to be a long one (thousands of words) because there#s just so much to talk about with these boots.

27/06/2019 GORUCK MACV-1 Boots Sole Logo.

The overall look of the MACV-1 boot is really versatile, at least in our eyes.

We think they look pretty great in a polished or urban environment, and they obviously look right at home while outdoors.

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Rucking Boot Review # MACV-1 by GORUCK.

3 min read.

The MACV-1 Rucking boot has been 4 years in the making and has been built from the ground up to be THE rucking boot.

Weighing in under 14oz, featuring premium full grain leather, 1000D Cordura uppers, custom Workhorse Insert#, and so much more, these boots are no joke.

GORUCK MACV-1 Boots Review I#m not a boot girl.

Actually, that#s untrue.

I LOVE boots especially tall, above the knee leather boots as soon as the leaves start to change.

but that#s a different story.

When it comes to GORUCK events, the answer to that all important question of #But what boots did you wear?

# for me was, #None.


01/03/2020 GORUCK MACV-1 Boot (Coyote Suede 6″) The GORUCK MACV-1 is a lightweight rucking boot.

It’s made for high mileage in the outdoors.

This is the 6″ version in Coyote Suede – which is the version you will see in the majority of photos in this review.

This post will serve as an ongoing review of the GORUCK MACV-1 Rucking Boots and will be updated with significant events and experiences during my ownership of these boots.


Use the links below to jump to the ongoing updates: Update #1 # First full day + Rucking in the rain Update #2 # Week 1 # Breakin period and weight & cushion Update #3 # 1 Month # Daily wear, shoe polish.

MACV-1 ‘s are suitable for airborne operations and maintain stability and support on uneven ground.

The 2″ webbing is sewn into the heel counter.

When you lace your boots up with your ankle locked into the heel, the heel counter and the 2″ webbing do not pull forward – this is by design.

We live in our boots in Special Forces.

Our standard day is all the miles and a full load on our backs and our feet have to perform.

More support means more performance, especially when carrying 100lbs in a rucksack.

MACV-1 , and all GORUCK footwear, is built to support you through the rigors of traveling, training, and rucking and comes with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee.

macv 1 boots review