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08/07/2019 *Gifted Reusable Nappies.

Reusable nappies have become a passion of mine (something you may have noticed!) Since making the swap in June last year I have gradually built up a stash big enough to wave goodbye to single-use nappies for good, I have talked about the ease of the switch and have tried my best to spread the word that reusable nappies are the way forward for our environment.

Tot Bots have come a fair way since then! Tots Bots is still a family-run business.

The Tots Bots original reusable nappies come in organic cotton and bamboo (called Bamboozles), and fasten with Aplix (Velcro).

They#re #two-part# nappies , which means that you have to buy a separate waterproof cover (wrap) to put on over the top.

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botts is a particular favourite # welhatnappies See More, 07/06/2020 Join me as I take you through a day using cloth nappies on our baby girl.

I’ll talk you through all our reusable nappy changes, wash routine and changing set up.

Ma Botts All-in-One https.

Tots bots stars- best absorbancy of any nappy I tried and no leaks.

Do take aclong time to dry though! Review by Lasco 2 years ago.

Quality products and quality, individual customer service that is friendly and professional.

Would definitely recommend to anyone!.

03/06/2010 Hiya Tiger201, couldn’t remember how many I had but the tots bots website recommends that: ”If you plan to wash daily you will need 15 size 1 nappies and 4 size one wraps and the same again in size 2 once your baby is ready to move into the second size.

(If you want to wash every second day we recommend you buy another 5 nappies and 2 wraps)”.

We highlight and provide you with the best, well-made, environmentally friendly, healthiest, breathable, dry, absorbent, reliable, soft, hypoallergenic, well made, well-priced, tested reusable nappies for families with babies of all ages with the best value for money.

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Nappies and Wipes.

It#s hard work raising a baby.

Families need hardworking products to help.

That#s why Mamia nappies have a triple layer absorbent core, providing up to 12 hours absorbency and leak protection.

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ma botts nappies