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M Jewelry U60 Price

MakeX M-Jewelry price The M-Jewelry U30 is available at the manufacturer price of $ 3,899 , whereas the U50 costs $ 3,599 and the U60 costs $3,699.

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, M-Jewelry DLP 3D printer was developed for jewelry use especially.

It is a combination of the industrial high precision, easy handling, fast printing speed and durable propertites with the most advanced technology adopted.

# Build area of 64*40*130 mm # Best layer thickness 5 microns # #, The little guy is equipped with powerful functions to streamline your printing efficiently.

Besides, M-Jewelry U60 #s adorable size makes it fit on any desktop.

Exceptional Size for Jewelry.

M-Jewelry U60 was born for jewelry industry especially.

It perfectly aligns with the strict requirements of #, M-Jewelry M-Jewelry comes in three models as U60 , U50&U30, meeting different requirements on precision and build volume for different users respectively.

M-Jewelry U60 75*46*130mm Build Volume58 microns X/Y Resolution5 # 150 micron Layer Thickness U60 Model M-Jewelry U50 64*40*130mm Build Volume50 microns X/Y Resolution5 # 150 micron Layer Thickness U50 Model M-Jewelry #, M-Jewelry #s ultra-high precision enables it to maintain a leading position in jewelry industry.

After numerous precise and rigorous tests, M-Jewelry #s precision has been proved to fit with jewelry production perfectly.

XY resolution 33 m.

Layer thickness 5 m.

Customized Light Engine.

, In their online store, this resin is listed at US$179 per cartridge, a typical price for high-quality casting resin.

The M-Jewelry is actually three different models, differing only in build volume and resolution.

They are the U60 , U50 and U30.

The reason for the different models has to do with the optical system design.

m jewelry u60 price