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Lululemon Abc Pants Reddit

I need pants that are comfy on 3-4 hour flights, and look sharp coming off the plane.

Have been looking at Lululemon #s range as they are highly recommended on here.

Two questions: Are the ABC pants in the chino style dressy enough to wear with a hopsack blazer and #, ABC classic pant 37# for women.


Hello! I was wondering if anyone who wears these pants could give me an opinion on how they would fit on a woman.

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Created Feb 24, 2012.


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Hi guys, I’m looking to get some new pants.

I really like the ABC pants at Lululemon.

The material is awesome, super stretchy and comfortable.

They’re a bit pricey, so before I buy them I’m going to do my research to see if there’s anything else I should be looking into.

Lululemon ABC Pant : Quality, Fit, and Color questions.

Long time listener, first time caller here at MFA.

I’ve b.

een doing research into comfy, mobile pants that allow a man to move and groove.

Between the ABC classic and the Commission Pant Slim, the biggest differences are that the Commission pant is going to be a more tapered look in the leg and have vertical pockets, while the ABC is a straight cut with horizontal pockets.

They are both made with our 4 way stretch fabric, Warpstreme.

The Commission pant Classic is made with a.

Shop the ABC Pant Slim *Warpstreme 30″ Online Only | Men’s Trousers.

The 5-pocket jean, reinvented.

These slim-fit pants are engineered to give you freedom of movement and all-day comfort.

Based on style and logo-placement, I’ve focused my sights on the Lululemon Commission Pants.

The reviews, however, are terrible for every single pair of pant in the men’s department.

There are complaints about durability, wrinkles so bad they make the pants unwearable, and #, I wanted to ask your your thoughts between Lululemon ‘s pants vs Outlier Slim Dungarees.

I currently own a pair of gray ABC (anti-ball crushing – no joke that’s the name) pants from Lululemon and they are probably the most comfortable pair of pants in my wardrobe.

They are versatile – I wear them in the office and casually on the street.

Shop the ABC Pant *Skinny Warpstreme 34″ | Men’s Pants.

The 5-pocket jean, reinvented.

These skinny-fit pants are engineered to give you freedom of movement and all-day comfort.

ABC Technology.

Sounds simple, yet it took years of research and development to perfect#to construct just the right amount of room where it matters, without compromising the classic look.

Feel it to feel it.

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