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Laureen Uy Luggage

16/10/2015 laureen uy Laureen Uy is a fashion and travel blogger from the Philippines.

She co-founded Stylebreak, a clothing line that features garments that she embellished herself.

06/12/2017 Thought I would share with you guys what’s inside my hand carry luggage every time I travel.

For some, it might be difficult to bring an extra bag when traveling, but I like to be extra prepared.

09/09/2016 Since I travel a lot, luggage covers are crucial and important to me.

I hate seeing scratches on my maletas because I like to keep them either really neat- although I do have old distressed ones with stickers and doodles that I still use.

But even if I like them in shipshape or not, it#s still nice to cover them up when I#m out and about because we don#t know how airlines can be treating.


Whenever I do road trips, I always make sure I wear something comfortable (duh) but still cute at the same time.

We always do stopovers somewhere to buy chips so we won#t go hungry inside the car, eat at a restaurant if it#s breakfast time/ lunch time/ merienda time and do a quick shoot if there#s a really nice view along the way.

And usually, when we arrive, we just leave our luggage.

03/12/2019 Fashion’s taken a utilitarian turn as of late, and the look#at the moment defined primarily by languid boiler suits, roomy cargo pants, and a luxe spin on combat boots#has evidently leaked into au courant designer bag silhouettes, too.

Case in point: Coveted picks like the many-pocketed Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires.

and Laureen Uy ‘s newest baby, the Prada Re-Edition Mini Hobo.

19/11/2019 Of course, you want to have picture-perfect OOTDs, and at the same time, you want to leave enough luggage room for your out-of-the country shopping sprees.

Hence, any multi-functioning garment is heaven-sent for the fashion-obsessed.

Here’s where Laureen Uy ‘s cool find comes in!

laureen uy luggage