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Kung Jung Mu Sul Belts

Kung Jung Mu Sul.

Kung Jung Mu Sul is a Korean royal court martial arts.

It favours Hapkido in that it contains many joint locks, throws, and trips in addition to the punches of kicks that you#d see in TKD.

Kung Jung Mu Sul News & Events.

On June 5th, 2009 at 6:30P.


at Kung Jung Mu Sul of Texas there will be Black Belt Testing.

Students will be going for 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd degree.

Overall this Black Belt test will be pretty large and very exciting.

Grandmaster Soon Tae Yang will be judging aswell as Master Charles Dudley.

Welcome to the Official Kung Jung Mu Sul Website.

IKF Kung Jung Mu Sul Training DVD – Disc 1.

Grandmaster Soon Tae Yang, Kung Jung Mu Sul of Schertz, Schertz, TX.

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“Teaching Skills For Life”, Attn: Kung Jung Mu Sul # 1000 Oaks students and parents.

In accordance with the Mayor of San Antonio#s Emergency Declaration #4, we will be canceling classes for the duration that the declaration is in effect (7 days – effective at 11:59 p.


03/18/2020) and we will be resuming regular in school training classes on next Thursday (03/26/2020).

Ki yups could be heart at Kung Jung Mu Sul martial arts school from the beginner Dragons as I entered the dojo on September 27 , 2017.

Students were Mr.

Myers, the head instructor of Kung Jung Mu Sul.

The white belts and color belts were learning how to do their rolls.


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kung jung mu sul belts