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Kp Cigar Box Guitars

Cigar Box Guitars can be dated as far back as the civil war, solders would build them with whatever they had on hand, and play them like a fiddle by the campfires.

During the depression in the 30’s things got tight and people also made CBG’s out of what they had, old brooms, hinges, nuts an bolts etc.

Example, #12 Guitar or #2 coffee station on message board in contact information.

All products are sold by first come first serve basis, and have limited availability.

You can also be put on the list for next available guitar.

I build about one guitar per week, but most are sold before completed.

Today, you can find plenty of affordable cigar box guitars for sale that are well built with quality materials, and there are plenty of these classic cigar box guitars for sale on eBay.

Some features of a 3-string cigar box guitar.

The unmistakable characteristic of this guitar is the square or rectangle cigar box #, Snowden Guitars.

The Old New Orleans 3 String Cigar Box Guitar CBG #1987.

Regular price $ 399.

Sold out, Celebrate the foundations of America’s democracy, with this cigar box guitar emblazoned with artistic representations of founding documents – the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This is a fretted 3-string acoustic/electric cigar box guitar.

A Cigar Box Guitar Band Blending blues and classic rock on made instruments, such as Cigar Box Guitars , Beer Can Microphones, Suitcase Bass Drum License Plate Snare and other found items cobbled together to make that lo-fi sound.

Snowden Guitars.

The Old New Orleans 3 String Cigar Box Guitar CBG #1987.

Regular price $ 399.

Sold out, Cigar box guitars are part of the past, but still part of the present.

Many times people have emailed me and said that just by hearing a video of a cigar box guitar or seeing a photo of one of these instruments online has helped them find a new direction in life, either coping with serious illness, trauma or some type of #, Delta Star Custom Hand-Made Cigar Box Guitars.

Based on a Delta tradition our custom hand-made cigar box guitars are hand made from the ground up.

Everything from our custom made boxes to our bone nuts and bridges have been hand crafted to bring you the very best cigar box money can buy, all at an affordable price.

kp cigar box guitars