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Klearvue cabinet display in Oland white including four base cabinets , one wall cabinet , and countertop.

Includes 2 18-inch drawer units, one 18-inch wall cabinet ; One 24-inch and 30-inch drawer unit.

To purchase this item contact the Cabinets & Appliances department at the Menards .

The Strmma series is a door style available exclusively with KLARVE Cabinetry and KLARVE Closets.

This painted, shaker style door works perfect for any taste and d_cor.

Available in over 30 door front sizes, including glass, and 15 drawer front sizes (limited sizes available for KLARVE Closets ), it truly provides a clean, classic.

Mix and match cabinets , doors and drawers to create a layout that fits your bathroom perfectly.

Klarve Cabinets are perfectly designed for use in a bathroom environment as they#re toughened with a water and stain resistant polypropylene finish.

Klarve Cabinetry is available exclusively at Menards.

You can buy online or visit your nearest Menards store for all the help and inspiration you need.

22/09/2019 What is Klearvue Cabinetry ?

Klearvue is a brand of box cabinets that can be found exclusively at Menards.

They have 13 different options now.

You can design your layout right on the U Create Cabinetry Planner Software, which is integrated with the Menard#s website.

For those of you on the coasts, Menards is a Midwest company, located in 14.


Klarve Cabinetry offers over 40 different pre-assembled cabinet box sizes that are available in multiple heights and widths.

When combined with doors and drawer fronts, you can create over 250 different cabinet configurations.

Think of Klarve as building blocks!, You don#t have to imagine what your Klearvue cabinetry might look like in your home # you can create it in 3D with CRAT ; our free, easy-to-use online design tool.

It automatically estimates the price and makes a shopping list as you design.

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