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25/09/2012 In her new post-executive life Rochas was able to devote herself more fully to her lover Kim d’Estainville , toying with then abandoning the idea of funding a magazine he would edit.

She and d.

Kim d#Estainville and Tina Chow had an encounter in 1990.


American Model Tina Chow was born Bettina Louise Lutz on 18th April, 1950 in Lakeview, Ohio, USA and passed away on 24th Jan 1992 Pacific Palisades, CA aged 41.

She is most remembered for Fashion icon in the 1980s.

Her zodiac sign is Aries.


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Behind-The #, 10/10/2012 #Yes I#ve been naughty# was Tina Chow#s response to questions of her battle with HIV; she never hid her illness nor the fling with notorious bi- playboy Kim D#estainville during which she contracted the disease.

Tina Chow (born Bettina Louise Lutz, April 18, 1950 # January 24, 1992) was an American model and jewelry designer who was considered an influential fashion icon of the 1970s and 1980s.

She was the second wife of restaurateur Michael Chow, the founder and owner of the Mr.

Chow restaurant chain.

In approaching her death from AIDS, Tina Chow found the sense of mission that had eluded her in her years as the stylish enchantress who reigned over the beau monde in-spot restaurants she created with her then husband, Michael Chow.

As MAUREEN ORTH reports, Tina fought the disease and its preconceptions–especially the lack of respect for women with AIDS — with her unerring grace, making #, She embarked on a series of affairs, first with the actor Richard Gere, who introduced her to Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama, later with the French aristocrat Kim D#Estainvillle.

In 1989, Chow learned that she had contacted HIV from D#Estainville.

kim d estainville pictures