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, English name for the names are Kadai (last) Ezhu (seven) vallalkal (Phillanthropist).

Kadai Elu vallalgal said about seven vanities and their deeds.

Kadai Elu vallalgal is known for acts of donation, actions that have been contributed to the flawlessness of the system.


5 #, The Kadai Ezhu Vallalgal are the last 7 great patrons of Tamil history.

They are mentioned in sangam literature as the chiefs of smaller dynasties in ancient Tamilagam.

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, 12/12/2016 Kadai Ezhu Vallalgal Details in Tamil.

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, Kadai ezhu vallal Malayamaan Thirumudi Kaari is considered one of the seven greatest “bestowers” of the last Sangam era – the Kadai Ezhu Vallalgal.

The people of his time considered him the most modest of kings.

Nobody left empty-handed after paying a visit to him and the visitor who came on barefoot would usually return mounted on a horse or.

, Kadai Ezhu Vallalgal – Angavai & Sangavai – Sivaji the Boss Rajnikanth starrer #Sivaji- the Boss# released in 2007 ran packed houses reportedly for 175 days.

The film begins with a masked person being brought to Central jail # the story narrated in #in medias res# artistic narrative technique#.

the masked person is revealed to be.

, Kadai ellu vallalkal motham 7 pare.

Avargal pari,thirumudikari,ori,aaie elzin.

Who is called kadai yezhu vallalgal in south india?

Began Paari Kaari Adhiyan (Adhiyanman) Aai Andiran Nalli Ori.

, 02/08/2016 The Kadai ezhu vallalgal were : #Thirumudi Kari, Paari, Valvil Oari, Adiyaman, Perumpeyar Began, Aai Andiran and Nalli# # the sangam literature eulogizes their philanthropic qualities.

All of them were very generous, benevolent kings who felt that service to the people was their duty.

The notable aspect was the avowed friendship between.

, 24/05/2012 i dunt know much about them,but i have heard from people.

thappa yeduthukadhinga.

avvaiyaruku alwa kudutha adhiyaman.

mullai ku beeru kudutha kadai ezhu vallalgal images